About Us


Enersave Solutions is committed to providing cost effective energy and water saving solutions with the aim of significantly reducing commercial and residential utility costs, saving money and protecting the environment.

We guarantee value for your dollar, top quality products, fast delivery and superior customer service.  Enersave Solutions is a proud provider of products manufactured by world renowned companies playing a major role in transforming the planet today into a greener more sustainable one.

We started operating officially in April 2011 and since been making tremendous strides in providing energy and water efficiency solutions to renowned and reputable institutions in Jamaica.  Our high calibre of success is being achieved through our well trained, experienced and qualified team; backed by our global leading suppliers and partners.

Our Solutions

Enersave Solutions offers a myriad of solutions all engineered to ensure your energy and water savings goals are met with minimal cost and at no compromise to performance and comfort.  We offer:

Solar Power Solutions

Free yourself from the rising cost of energy with our affordable Solar Power Systems and start reaping the benefits now. Solar energy is clean, reliable, abundant and most of all it’s free. Why pay for energy? Investing in solar energy will guarantee:

  • Inflation proof energy supply
  • Energy Independence
  • Huge returns on investment
  • A sustainable and reliable source of energy for the next 25 years.

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Solar Water Heating Solutions

Enersave Solutions also provides a wide range of high efficiency solar water heating systems designed to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of electricity to heat water. Our solutions save up to 100% on your water heating costs, while providing the convenience and comfort of 24/7 hot water supply to your home or business. We put the sun to work for you.

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High Efficiency Air Conditioning Solutions

Enjoy super cool energy savings with our High Efficiency Air Conditioning systems. Our solutions will guarantee significant energy savings and optimized cooling performance. Our systems integrates DC inverter, variable speed and high efficiency refrigerant technologies to achieve industry leading cooling and energy saving performance. The choice is simple, enhanced cooling and energy savings in one package that’s a win-win investment.

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LED Lighting Solution

Enersave Solutions offer a wide range of high efficiency LED lighting options for replacing any conventional lighting types. We will guarantee that you flick the switch to:

  • Up to 90% energy savings on your lighting.
  • Optimized lighting quality performance
  • Warantied durable and long lasting solid state lighting (SSL).
  • Over 50,000 hours of lifespan with little or no maintenance requirements.

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Energy Management Solutions

Our energy management solutions are engineered to monitor and automate your energy usage. By monitoring your energy you will be better able to understand your consumption to eliminate wastage. While our automation devices and systems will prevent the unnecessary use of energy by giving users the ability to program electrical devices and equipment to turn on, off or switch to low power states in the absence of users. Applications includes monitoring & automation for Lighting, Water Heating, A/C and Refrigeration Systems and almost any other applications where energy savings opportunities can be achieved.

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Water Saving Solutions

 Enersave Solutions has serveral solutions to ensure you conserve precious water and save on your utility cost. Our solutions will guarantee:

  • Tremendous water savings at no compromise to comfort and performance
  • Energy savings from reduced pumping and water heating requirements
  • Reduced demand on your water distribution and sewage treatment system resulting in reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduced depletion of water reserves in storage

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