ENERSAVE SOLUTIONS LTD. doing more to ensure you have all the options to become more Energy Efficient, we care about your energy efficiency. So we have partnered with the best Financial Institutions to offer you 


PARTNERSHIP:  Our sales team work closely with our preferred financing partners to secure you the best rate in the shortest possible time frame.

Required documentation includes:

  1. National Photo Identification (Driver’s License, National ID/Voter’s ID, Passport)
  2. TRN Card
  3. Proof of Permanent Home Address by way of Utility Bill i.e. JPS, NWC, Telephone, Flow Cable/Internet etc.
  4. Proof of Income – Two- Three recent pay slips or job letter (must be employed at least 6 months) or proven source of income for self-employed applicants (3-6 months of company bank statement).
  5. The Contact information of two references – One (1) friend known to you for at least five (5) years and one (1) family member not living with you.


OUR PARTNERS:                     

1. How does Financing work?

It starts in office– visit either of our two locations and select the item or items you wish to purchase. Select the Financial Partner you wish to process your financing. Fill out the corresponding application at our offices then we do the rest– Easy as 1-2-3 

2. How do I apply for ENERSAVE Financing?

At either of our locations:

                           157 Constant Spring Road                            or                     101 Montgomery Ave
                           Kingston 8                                                                                    Kingston 10

3. How do I get approved for ENERSAVE Financing?

After applications- along with ALL  required documentation are submitted  the Credit Committee will process and provide Approval.

4. How long is my approved Financing valid for?

Financing approval is valid for the duration of the valid invoice period

5. Can I be pre-approved for Financing?

Yes– pre-approval is granted by the financial partner of choice.

7. How do I make payments?

Payments are made directly to the Financial partner of choice and governed by that financial partners jurisdictions.

8. Is there minimum purchase amount?


9. What will be the interest rate?

Interest Rates are determined and adjusted by the Financial partner of choice