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  • 10FT MEGA Inverter Ceiling Fan ESL-4712


    $179,999 $166,500

    Performance and Efficiency for Your Large Spaces

    • Brushless DC Inverter Motor
    • Uses Up to 70% Less Energy 
    • Super Quiet, More Powerful
    • Long Service Life
    • 15 Years Warranty on The Motor
    • A++ Energy Efficiency Rating
    • Light Weight, Super Strong Aluminum Structure
    • Remote Controlled
    • 5 Speeds

  • LG Digital Inverter 22 cu ft Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator – (With Dispenser)


    $195,000 $166,999



    • Display – E-Micom: Yes
    • Temp. control – Electronic: Yes
    • Temp. control – EXPRESS Freeze: Yes
    • Cooling system: No frost
    • Multi Air Flow™: Yes
    • Dispenser – Ice & Water Dispenser: Yes
    • Dispenser – Water Filter: Yes
    • Dispenser Type – Water Filtration System: ADQ73693901
    • Dispenser Type – Plumbing/Non-Plumbing: Plumbing
    • Handle: Normal Pocket
    • Smart Diagnosis™: Yes

  • Xiaomi Deerma Spray Mop TB500


    $5,500 $3,200


    • Quick Dry Mopping Technology
    • Any-Surface Safe Mopheads
    • Light Weight
    • 360° Swivel Action
    • Easy Mop head Replacement

  • Xiaomi Kingsmith K15 Threadmill


    $150,000 $119,999


    •  WIFI Connectivity (FREE app download required) – Connects iPhone, iPad & Android.
    •  Smart Phone App Control Smart phone, tablet stand.
    • Auto programs and manual program. 
    • Folds away for easy storage.
    • Quick keys, mon board computer with LED Display (Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Scan Mode).

  • Xiaomi
    Mi 3H Smart Air Purifier

    Special Offer


    Integrated 360° cylindrical  Premium HEPA Filter Effectively Eliminates 99.97% of Bacteria, Viruses, Cigarette Smoke, PM2.5, Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander, and Other Allergens 

    The three-layer filter effectively removes PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful substances

    • The first layers removes hair, dust, cotton fibers and other large particles
    • The second layer consists of a premium HEPA filter that effectively eliminates 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, PM2.5, pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air. It is also effective towards finer particles of 0.1 microns.
    • The third layer is an active carbon filter that absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful gases


    New Powerful Air Duct System Delivers 6330 liters of purified air per minute*

    To increase the air output without changing the size of the air purifier, we had to carefully redesign every part of its air duct system.
    We developed a rear-tilting centrifugal fan that can move air more powerfully and custom-made a new direct-current brushless motor.
    The newly designed pressurized air duct and the air grille form an even more efficient airflow path, considerably boosting the purifier’s performance.


    OLED touch screen display Air quality at a glance, easy to use even at night

    Simply tap the keys on the OLED display to work the purifier, and the reported info is viewable at a glance.
    Room air quality data, the purifier’s operational status, etc., are all displayed clearly.
    The tri-colored light ring quickly tells you the quality of the air in the room.


    High-precision Laser PM Sensor Sensitively Detects Even Slight Pollution

    The Mi Air Purifier 3H comes with a high-precision laser PM sensor that detects microscopic particulates and reports changes in room air quality in real time.
    In auto mode, the purifier adjusts proactively for better cleaning.


    APP+AI smart voice control* Smart Control, Linking Multiple Smart Products

    With the Mi Home app, you can use your phone to keep track of your home’s air quality at all times. You can also control the air purifier remotely and set turn-on and turn-off times.
    You can use the Favorite mode for highly efficient cleaning specifically geared for your space.
    Supports Google Assistant so you can use smart AI voice control.


    Quiet and energy saving
    Keep the air purifier on 24 hours a day for good air quality

    Even with its upgraded performance, the Mi Air Purifier 3H is still quiet. In sleep mode, the noise level is as low as 32dB(A)*. The high-efficiency direct-current brushless motor draws only 38 W of power.
    When running 24 hours a day, it uses up to 1 kWh of power each day, even less than an energy-saving light bulb.  32dB(A) Noise as low as


    Compatible with many types of Mi air purifier filters

    • Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial
    • Mi Air Purifier Filter Anti-formaldehyde S1
    • Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter



  • CANADIAN SOLAR PANEL 365W Monocrystaline



    • 26 % higher power than
    • Conventional modules
    • Up to 4.5 % lower LCOE
    • Up to 2.7 % lower system cost
    • Low NMOT: 42 ± 3 °C
    • Better shading tolerance
    • Lower internal current
    • Lower hot spot temperature
    • Minimizes micro-crack impacts



    $35,000 $21,800


    • 1080P HD Camera
    • H.265 compression
    • HD lens
    • Auto Tracking
    • Color Night Vision
    • Built in microphone and speaker
    • Two way audio
    • Motion Trigger
    • Built in PIR Radar (Distance – max  12m)
    • Humanoid Detection
    • Snapshot Notifications
    • Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa Compatible
    • Pan & Tilt Feature
    • Solar Powered- No Wiring Required, Self Powered
    • Easy Setup

  • Tuya Smart Wifi 4 Channel HD NVR System


    $60,000 $41,200
    • 4 Channel 1080P High Definition WiFi NVR
    • 1 Terabyte Solid State Hard drive (SSD)
    • 4 Smart Wireless (Wifi) 1080P HD Cameras
    • Humanoid Detection
    • Listen In Feature
    • Color Night Vision
    • Push Notification Alerts (Direct to your smart phone)
    • Smart Snapshot Alarm Notification
    • Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa Compatible