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    Instant Water Heater- DCE 10 Plus

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    Compact DCE-S Plus instantaneous water heater – For easy showering pleasure.
    With its high efficiency and output, the DCE-S Plus offers a reliable and constant supply of hot water for several smaller draw-off points (hand washbasins) or one larger one (shower).

    As efficient as it is compact.

    The rotary selector quickly enables accurate temperature delivery between 20 and 60 °C. The temperature can be selected variably, either in °C or °F. The rotary selector makes operation extremely easy.



    • Electronically controlled compact instantaneous water heater with 3i technology
    • Very good energy efficiency thanks to electronic output control
    • Precise temperature selection from 20 °C to 60 °C
    • Permanently selectable temperature limit can be set to 43 °C, 50 °C or 55 °C
    • Suitable for showers
    •  Best warranty in the industry
    •  Simple plumbing system design
    •  Sleek design fits in anywhere
    •  Superior, reliable performance

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