200W Nemo Anti-Glare LED Flood Light


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This high quality NEMO LED flood light is designed with the latest technology for optimal performance and is ideal for signs, accent architecture, flags, parking lots, and landscape lighting. LED technology has a longer life expectancy than fluorescent lighting, and emits no UV rays,contains no mercury, and does not flicker.

The SMD terminal can be pluggable and installed between the PCB board and the driver which is for the future maintenance (replacement of the driver or the PCB board)
Tool free open and maintenance
For the subsequent maintenance of the lamp fixture, NEMO FLood Light tempered glass and bracket are fixed by a knob type fixing method, and the lamp can be opened and adjusted without hand-tightening.
Anti-glaring light is required more and more for applications where people doesn’t feel comfortable with the glaring light, especially in stadium. NEMO Series floodlight is the ideal solution for visual protection. Beam angle degree 97×47°(Type IV)and (135×60°)P50 are both available which are all anti-glaring and P50 (135×60°) is special lens for tennis court.

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Features & Specifications

Efficiency: 150LM/W±3%
Luminous Flux (Photometered): 30000Lm
Driver: XLG-240-H-A | SS-200GA-56
Beam Angle: 20°/40°/60°/90°/120°/97*47°(Type IV)/135*60°(P50) special for tennis court
CCT: 30K-3000K | 40K-4000K | 50K-5000K | 57K-5700K
CRI: >70
Photocell: Optional

Electrical Characteristics (Luminaire)
Power Consumption: 200W
Input Volt: 100-277VAC/200-240VAC
Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
Power Factor: >0.95/230VAC
Total Harmonic Distortion: <20%
Dimming Function: 1-10V Continuous/PWM | DALI Optional

IP Rating: IP66
Impact Rating: Ik08
Salt Spray Tested: Yes
Operating Temp. Range: -30°~122°F(-30°~45°C)
Operating Humidity: 15-90%
Thermal Management Type: Natural air cooling
Expected Lifespan: 50,000 Hours to 70% Brightness
Material Composition (Body): ADC-12 Aluminium Alloy (<0.1% copper content)
Material Composition (Optics): PMMA (UV Resistance)
Material Composition (Cover): Extra clear tempered glass protect
Mounting/Bracket Type: Post-top position, Side-entry position
Cable Gland: Pg11(Stainless steel)
Cable Ø Entry Range: 10-14mm

Length: 16.81in (367mm)
Width: 2.71in (60 mm)
Height: 19.48in (495mm)
Height (Including Bracket): 19.48in (495mm)
Height (Not including Bracket): 15.74in (400mm)




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