Samsung True Convection Gas Stove

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Wider cooking space for greater ease of use – A wide edge grill allows superior use as it maximizes the cooking area without wasting unused space. You can use a variety of kitchen utensils of different sizes and prepare larger meals more easily and efficiently. It also creates a modern and harmonious look with style, but is very robust.

Conveniently angled, ergonomic controlsThe tilt control ensures that the control knobs are ergonomically positioned for maximum convenience and to put less strain on your wrists. The angled design means you can hold and control the knobs with more precision and comfort, and enhances the oven’s sleek, modern premium style.

Safe, intuitive and precise burner control With the illuminated lighting knob, you have the peace of mind that you can easily check whether the stove is on or off at a glance, even from a distance. The large, ergonomic design of its metal knobs also makes them easy to grip and fine-tune. And they add a unique premium look.

Even bigger burner for even bigger meals – A large oval burner in the center of the stove provides added flexibility as it is perfect for oval-shaped cookware, large pots and pans, or for cooking on “bridges.” Thus, you can cook all types and sizes of food quickly and evenly, and enjoy an easier way to steam, such as fish or vegetables.

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Features and Specifications

Model Number: NX58N6635SS

  • Type
    • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Capacity
    • Oven capacity: 5.8
    • Drawer capacity: 0.7
  • Materials / Finishes
    • Oven color: Stainless Steel
    • Control type (oven): Membrane + Film Touch
    • Control type (stove): Knob
    • Screen type: LED display
    • Color display: Ice blue
    • Door type: New Wide View
  • Characteristics
    • Self-cleaning
    • Easy Cook
    • Keeping warm
    • Clock
    • Numeric Pad
    • Kitchen timer
    • Child safety lock
    • Hidden Baking Element
    • Interior Light (Position) 1 Incandescent 40W (Back)
    • Auto oven light
    • Light (Lamp) On / Off
    • Enable / Disable sound
    • Adjustment (clock system option (12H / 24H))
    • Start delay
    • Sabbath mode
  • Cooktop
    • Gas (LP)
    • Stove frame: Black Porcelain Enamel
    • Burner number: 5 EA
    • Total power: 45K
    • Burner 1: 14.5K, Single
    • Burner 2: 11.5K, Single
    • Burner 3: 4K
    • Burner 4: 7.5K
    • Burner 5: 7.5K, Big Oval Center
    • Sealed burners
    • Grate
  • General characteristics
    • Convection: True convection
    • Bake (Single): 175 ° F ~ 550 ° F
    • Variable Broil (Low-High) (Single): Hi 480 ° F / Low 375 ° F
    • Convection Bake (Single): 175 ° F ~ 550 ° F, True
    • Convection Roast (Single): 175 ° F ~ 550 ° F, True
  • Food/Qualification
    • Oven Element: 15K BTU
    • Roast Element: 11.5K BTU
    • Convection Heater Element: 800W
  • Drawer Type: Storage
  • Weights/Dimensions
    • Net (WxHxD): 761×1186.2×718.7 mm
    • Gross (WxHxD): 839×1,285×769 mm
    • Net weight: 90.7kg (199.6lbs)
    • Gross weight: 103 kg
    • Loading quantity (20/40 ft): 20/84
  • Accessories
    • Number of Rack Positions: 7
    • Number of oven racks: two
    • Wire racks: two
    • Anti-tip device



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