Truepods F15 Wireless Earphone


Thanks to the semi-in-ear design, these earphones have an excellent fit and great feel while wearing them,  there will be no pressure when wearing them for a long time. The semi-entry construction allows you to confirm your surroundings while listening to music to ensure safety. The premium build quality compliments the crisp audio that these earphones provide.


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  • The wireless earbuds offer 5-6 hours playtime from one single charge (only 1 hour charging time) and extra 26 hours playtime in the mini portable charging case .
  • The microphone is designed at the bottom of the earbud and the intelligent noise reduction technology can effectively reduce the environmental noise, thereby improving the clarity of the call in noisy situations. (Note: This is not active noise reduction technology)
  • Thanks to SoundPower technology enhances bass by up to 45% 10.8mm graphene drivers provide ultra-realistic audio with deep bass, natural mids, clear and detailed treble to Indulging in your favorite tunes.
  • You can feel free to use only one or both wireless earbuds. The one earbud mode supports using one earbud while the other one is charging in the case.









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