Ultimate Surge Protector Digital IP35M220



Features: Over-current protection, non-stop voltage monitoring, Dual current mode switch, LED status indicator, Quick connect screw terminals, Small compact size, Easy to mount high quality plastic enclosure and One (1) year warranty.

Delay on time 30 seconds
Low voltage trip point 190VAC ± 3
High voltage trip point 272VAC ± 3
Reaction time (abnormal voltage trip) 0.01-0.05 sec.
Operation temperature 0°C to 110°C
Power consumption 0.0045kw
Input voltage 220VAC,50/60Hz
Output operating current 20 amp / 30amp Selectable (switch)
Circuit protection (electronic trip) Over current trip time: 0.3 sec.


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Designed to protect Inverter Air-conditioner and other sensitive electronics equipment. This super sensitive, digital surge protector module, will ensure that your equipment and appliances are protected from abnor-mal high and low voltage conditions. The dual current (selectable) mode of this IP smart module surge protector makes it ideal for small to large size appliances and equipment. This smart module is also equipped with a digi-tal over-current protection circuit which will protect your equipment and installation from a short circuit condition. The multi-color status LED will indicate if a fault have occurred.

Intelligent protection is achieved using a high speed digital microprocessor. The clock speed of the microprocessor enable the Ultimate Surge Protectors to monitor the input voltage and over-current limit at a frequency of 1Mhz (Mega Hertz), which is approximately one million (1,000,000) times faster than the input AC voltage been monitored. Model IP Series protectors are built using a high quality plastic enclosure, which is fire retardant, none conductive and mechanically strong




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