36000 BTU Smart AI Inverter Air Conditioner – xab1




  • AI Inverter Technology 
  • Smart Wi-Fi Control – Works with Alexa & Google
  • Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial Air Filter
  • Gold Fin Self Sterilizing Anti Corrosion Technology 
  • Rapid Cool Feature
  • Ideal Humidity Feature                                             
  • Mute Mode 
  • Eco Mode
  • I Feel Feature
  • I Set Feature
  • Super Quiet 


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AI Inverter Technology – TCL Proprietary Inverter Technology for Faster More Energy Efficient Cooling (Up t0 60% Energy Savings)

Smart Wi-Fi Control –  Control & Monitor Your Air Conditioner from Anywhere. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for Superior Connectivity and Voice Control.                                   

Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial Air Filter – Air Purification Technology that Removes Up To 99% of Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Odor and Harmful Allergens for Cleaner Health Air Quality.

Gold Fin Technology – Enhances Cooling Efficiency; Self-Sterilizes Coils Preventing Growth of Mold Inside Unit and provides Anti-Corrosion Protection. Delivering Longer Service Life, More Energy Savings and Cleaner Fresher Air Quality. 

Rapid Cool – Enjoy Faster Cooling; Delivering 18℃ Air within 30 Seconds 

Ideal Humidity –  Achieves Desirable Humidity Levels Between 40-60% for Healthier Air Moisture, Skin Hydration and Easier Breathing.                                               

SUPER QUIET – Integrated Noise Damping System, a Virtually Silent Fan and Compressor For Super Quiet Performance.

MUTE MODE – Hit Mute for a hushed extremely quiet operation. The sound of the night is 30 decibels, and the TCL air conditioner is only 25 decibels.

ECO MODE  – Hit Eco Mode for a fixed, energy efficient optimized 26℃ program. Designed for even more savings on your electricity bills while maintaining a tight temperature range at a lower frequency. 

I FEEL – Enables environmental temperature to be taken directly via a sensor built into the remote. Allowing for high precision in-room readings and air delivery. Relax in Comfort.

I SET – When you’ve found the perfect settings, press and hold I SET for 3+ seconds and your set-up will be intelligently memorized. No matter how much the remote is used in the future, hit I SET and it’ll take you back to your favorite custom settings.





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