• Hisense 12000 BTU Inverter Air Conditioner

    Sold out



    Inverter Expert Technology – Variable speed compressor which adjusts energy usage based on cooling demand

    • Very quiet operation
    • Refrigerant R 410A
    • Long Airflow Distance
    • Smart Feature
    • 24Hr Timer
    • Easy Cleaning

  • Xiaomi
    Mi 1X Smart BLDC Inverter Standing Fan

    Special Offer

    $18,500 $13,499

    Simulates a natural breeze, giving you soft, gentle wind whenever you want it

    Inspired by nature. The innovative natural breeze algorithm, high-grade DC variable frequency brushless motor and 7 gentle fan blades bring the feeling of real natural breeze.

  • 52″ BLDC Inverter Decorative Ceiling Fan ESL-9078


    $53,000 $30,999

    Elegance and Performance for Your Home

    • Brushless DC Inverter Motor uses up to 70% less energy compared to conventional motors and creates far less noise
    • Matte black finish for a beautiful aesthetic
    • Integrated dual E27 light fixture

  • Smart Energy
    CBY 9W Ceramic LED BULB AC 110-240V 2700K


    $1,100 $600


    • Replaces a 60W Incandescent bulb.
    • Super bright high quality light output.
    • Super energy saver, achieving up to 85% energy savings
    • Ideal for Residential and Commercial Applications
    • Durable solid state light, built to last.
    • Long Lifespan, 30,000 hours

  • Samsung
    Samsung Digital Inverter 28 CU. FT. French Style Refrigerator


    $235,000 $199,999

    Model Number




    • Twin Cooling Technology – Manages the refrigerator and freezer independently using two separate evaporators, offering:
      o Superb energy efficiency
      o Ideal temperature and humidity preservation.
      o No scent mixing between freezer and refrigerator.
    •  Moisture Fresh Zone – keeps vegetables crisp and fresh for longer.
    • Antibacterial Protector – enables the refrigerator to remain fresh and clean at all times.
    • Easy slide Trays and Drawers – provides hassle free access to food stored deep inside.
    • LED Lighting – brilliantly illuminates every corner, ensuring better visibility and optimized energy efficiency

  • Hisense 18000 BTU Inverter Air Conditioner

    Special Offer

    $85,000 $67,000
    • Inverter Expert Technology – Variable speed compressor which adjusts energy usage based on cooling demand
    • Very quiet operation
    • Refrigerant R 410A
    • Long Airflow Distance
    • Smart Feature
    • 24Hr Timer
    • Easy Cleaning

  • Niagara Conservation
    Stealth Ultra- High Efficiency Toilet

    Sold out


    Quietest Flushing Toilet on the Market 

    Powerful flush delivered with a patented Stealth flush chamber and air transfer system
    • Uses just 0.8 gallons per flush (0.8 GPF)
    • Fluidmaster 400A fill valve standard
    • One flush thoroughly evacuates the bowl every time
    • Two piece toilet
    • Bowl cleared every time due to smooth, low friction ceramic surface
    • Stylish, inconspicuous and durable flush button
    • Meets EPA criteria for WaterSense label
    • Elongated bowl meets ADA height requirements
    • Fully glazed 2″ trapway for enhanced flush performance
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty*

  • Intermatic
    Dual Technology Low Voltage Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor


    This ceiling mount sensor uses a combination of Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies, and a remote power pack unit, to detect occupancy and ambient light levels in a specific area

    • Ultrasonic and PIR sensing for presence detection, even in the
    • case of areas with partitions and/or with small movements
    • Low voltage, remote-mounted sensor
    • Adjustable time delay and optional walk-thru detection mode
    • Adjustable ambient light sensor override
    • Powered by IOS-PP24 power pack




    The FLEXmax family of charge controllers is the industry leading innovation in Maximum Power Point (MPPT) charge controllers from OutBack Power.

  • DHC
    Instant Water Heater- DHC 10-2

    Special Offer



    Stiebel Eltron has been the world leader in the development of advanced water heating and energy-saving technology since 1924 with products fulfilling the highest expectations of performance and reliability.

    • Up to 50% less power consumption compared to storage type heaters
    •  Hot water instantly
    •  Hydraulically controlled for quiet operation
    •  Resettable safety high limit switch
    •  Lower installation costs compared to tank type units
    •  Exclusive copper-clad heating element
    •  Never dry fires and fails prematurely
    •  Superior reliability
    •  Available in many different kW sizes
    •  Available for 120 V, 208 V, 240 V, and 277 V

  • LG Smart Inverter Top Load Washer, 13kg

    Sold out



    • Smart Inverter Motor with Smart Motion and 10 year motor warranty
    • Turbo Drum Technology
    • Smart Diagnosis
    • Smart Lint Filter
    • Deferred Wash Option

  • Samsung 30″ 5 Burner True Convection Electric Range

    Special Offer

    $210,000 $135,000

    Cook multiple dishes at once with a large capacity and bake and broil food faster and more evenly with Fan Convection.


    Dual power elements – Two dual elements offer the flexibility to cook in different sized pans.

    Convection – A powerful convection fan that cooks food evenly and saves time.

    Storage drawer – A handy storage space allows for additional storage of you pots and pans. It also elevates oven capacity, making it easy to slide a large roast inside.

    Steam Clean and Self Clean – Use Steam Clean for a quick clean in 20 minutes or Self Clean for a deeper clean.

    Warming Center – The Warming Center keeps hot, cooked food at serving temperature.

  • Sresky
    20W RGB Solar Garden Floodlight

    Special Offer


    Decorative Wall Lighting for Your Space
    Material: Aluminium alloy
    Solar cell: poly-crystalline
    Battery: Li-ion battery, rated for 1500 cycles
    Core technology: ALS2.0/TCS
    Warranty: 2 years

  • Tuya Smart
    Indoor Wifi IP Camera


    $10,500 $5,900


    • 1080P Resolution
    • Two Way Audio
    • 4x digital zoom
    • 128G TF Card for Alarm/Local Recording
    • Motion Detection with Alarm Recording and Snapshots
    • Instant APP Alert Push Notifications
    • Works with Alexa, Google Home Voice Control
    • APP:TuyaSmart or Smart Life
    • Hinge joint for Flexible Mounting and Angling Camera

  • GROWATT 6000W Hybrid Inverter w/ Wifi Monitoring Adapter

    Sold out


    This Growatt 6000W Hybrid Inverter is perfect for relatively large solar system setups offering both Grid-Tie or Off Grid capabilities in one.



    $35,000 $21,800


    • 1080P HD Camera
    • H.265 compression
    • HD lens
    • Auto Tracking
    • Color Night Vision
    • Built in microphone and speaker
    • Two way audio
    • Motion Trigger
    • Built in PIR Radar (Distance – max  12m)
    • Humanoid Detection
    • Snapshot Notifications
    • Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa Compatible
    • Pan & Tilt Feature
    • Solar Powered- No Wiring Required, Self Powered
    • Easy Setup

  • Streamline
    Floor-Ceiling Inverter Air Conditioning Systems- 36000BTU


    Product Features

    • Up to 16 SEER in cooling mode.
    • Ideal for Small Commercial & industrial Applications
    • Auto Restart.
    • Low Voltage Start Up.
    • Factory Tested.
    • Low Temperature Cooling Down to -5° C & High
    • Temperature Cooling up to 50° C ambient.


    Outdoor Unit Features

    • DC Inverter Rotary Compressor.
    • Electronic Expansion Valve.
    • Super Quiet Operation.
    • High Efficiency Coils with Hydrophilic Fins.
    • Corrosion Resisting Cabinet with Protective Coating.
    • High & Low Pressure Protection.
    • Discharge Temperature Protection.
    • Phase Loss & Overcurrent Protection.
    • PFC & IPM Module Protection.
    • Self-Diagnostics.


    Indoor Unit Features

    • Wireless LCD Remote Control (Standard).
    • Wired Remote Control (Optional).
    • 4 Direction Airflow.
    • Auto Setting for Cooling, Dehumidifying, Fan .
    • Sleep Mode.
    • Turbo Cooling Function with Multi-Speed Fan Control.
    • Easy Maintenance and Cleanable Cartridge Filters.
    • Easy Connect Flare Connections.
    • Low Temperature Dry Function.
    • Anti-Freezing & Anti-High Temperature Protection.
    • Sensor Malfunction Alarm.
    • Communication Malfunction Alarm.
    • Programmable 24 hours On/Off Timer.
    • Under/Over Voltage protection.
    • Built in Surge protector.




    Functions as a supplementary electric heater in the event the water in the Solar Water Heater falls below desirable temperatures during prolonged rainy or overcast periods.

    Thermostat controlled, switches ON at 40 0C and OFF at 60 0C.





    Conext™ SW inverter/charger- The Conext SW is a pure sine wave inverter that provides reliable power after a simple installation. The unique features of the Conext SW adds value for both installers and system owners globally.

  • RIWATT 53 Gallon Solar Water Heater (with Installation)


    $215,000 $146,000

    SUPER ENERGY SAVER: Saves 40% or more on your electric bill when compared to electric water heaters.

    PRESSURIZED SYSTEM: Delivers constant water flow for your comfort

    PASSIVE SOLAR TRACKING TECHNOLOGY: Provides 20% more solar exposure than regular solar water heater

    ADJUSTABLE GALVANIZED STEEL FRAME STRUCTUTRE: Offers durable and versatile mounting capabilities for both slope and flat roof types.

    HIGH DENSITY POLYURETHANE FOAM INSULATED TANK: Provide up to 72 hours of Hot Water Storage in the absence of Sunlight


    FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL INNER TANK: Provides Safe Healthy Water Storage.

    SLEEK, NON-OBSTRUSIVE LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: Fit6s neatly on your roof and blends seamlessly in your homo architecture.

    HIGH EFFICIENCY STATE OF THE ART VACUUM TUBE ABSORBER AND HEAT PIPE TRANSFER SYSTEM: Super-fast water heating capabilities compared to regular solar water heating systems.

    EASILY REPLACEABLE INDEPENDENT VACUUM TUBES: Each tube can be individually removed A without stopping the operation of the system and are not subjected to scaling.

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